Data Analyst

  • Administration
  • St. Gallen, Switzerland

Data Analyst

Job description

A SQL query walks into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks “Can I join you?”

Job requirements

Your New Company
At Frontify, our mission is simple. We create the best and most user-friendly brand management platform - a platform that enables anyone to deliver compelling and consistent brand experiences. Today, Frontify is empowering thousands of different-sized companies around the world, including Facebook, Lufthansa, Vodafone, and Allianz.
Frontify is a scaleup company with over 100 employees, headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland and another office with a skyscraper-view in New York, USA. Frontify is built on a collaborative culture of experimentation, trust, and transparency. We believe in being happy and fulfilled at work, and let our personalities shine through everything we do. Does this sound like the place for you? Then read on.

Your Team
While small, they are mighty. They are the ones that provide information and decision support as they build up our data culture and extend our data warehouse. They discover insights and share knowledge throughout the company while also tracking the performance and progress of our product. In their downtime, they are usually enjoying the good life - which is up to you to decode.

Your Mission
You will support key stakeholders across the company to enable decision making with data. You’ll create dashboards and reports as well as identify, analyze and interpret trends to drive new insights and make sure our database is reliable

Your Story
  • You love analytics and have more statistical knowledge than your average Joe.
  • You’re able to report and visualize data in an easily digestible format for the whole team, as not everyone understands data like you.
  • You bring quantitative and qualitative data together to really understand what drives our users.
  • You’re probably endorsed for SQL and Tableau on LinkedIn.
  • You have used R or Python in your daily work or aspire to be proficient in at least one someday.
  • You’re able to collect business requirements and translate them into data projects.
  • You see documentation as a crucial part of your work because you know your brain will not keep everything there forever.
  • You live in the moment by showcasing the current status, but you might also be confused for a psychic as you can predict future patterns.
  • Your friends would describe you as curious, willing to learn, friendly, approachable, and honest.
  • You studied statistics, economics or something similar.


Frontify is a very dynamic company where things change quickly and opportunities arise often, providing a lot of space for personal development. We're big on flexibility, and providing our Frontify family with time for side projects. Our office is pretty great, but more important is our culture of freedom, trust, learning, advancement, and happiness. Our word only counts for so much, though. See what we have to offer for yourself – start the conversation.

Next steps

  1. Send us your resume and some nice words.
  2. First call with Employee Success (our fancy name for HR).
  3. Coffee with the team (or second call, if you don’t live around the corner)
  4. Half a day in our office in St. Gallen. You can experience our culture, and we can learn more about you in person.
  5. If things go well, you will be part of our journey soon.